About DagangHalal

At DagangHalal Sdn Bhd (DH), the company’s businesses encompass the e-commerce marketplace, Halal Verified Engine (HVE), consulting and training. Each of our subsidiaries carries an important role and function for us to serve our clients efficiently. DH’s online marketing platform is daganghalal.com, a portal that is a Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce marketplace. We assist over 3000 merchants in facilitating the trading of halal goods and services, to the growing global Muslim population. DH provides end-to-end solutions for SMEs to penetrate the global halal market.

As of April 2016, DagangHalal plc, the world’s largest Halal digital exchange, is traded on London’s ISDX under the ticker DGHL. We are the world’s first digital company that recognises the need for Halal verification as well as hosting a repository of Halal merchants and offering an integrated Halal trade ecosystem that:


  • Provides a comprehensive online Halal e-Commerce platform for buyer-supplier matching.

  • Helps online merchants and consumers to find Halal-certified products, anytime anywhere.

  • Facilitate halal certification and halal industry knowledge.

  • Publishes Halal news on the global Halal industry and its socio-economic trends.