Carnival Background

Karnival Mai Dagang is a follow-up from the previous organisation of 1Malaysia1Halal Campaign (1M1H) in collaboration with JAKIM. The objective of 1M1H was to introduce nationwide recognition for JAKIM’s Halal logo that is among the most widely recognized and respected symbols of Halal compliance in the world today. The campaign was a big hit, attracting over 200 industry players and more than 200,000 visitor traffic over a spread of five (5) venues in Malaysia.

Following the success of 1M1H, DagangHalal now brings you Karnival Mai Dagang that serves to promote local Halal trading intelligence and participation by making trading fun and popular. The Karnival welcomes exhibitors from various sectors of the industry such as F&B, FMCG, personal healthcare, fashion accessories, Muslimah wear, and more.

Karnival Mai Dagang actively supports and complements Malaysia’s governmental initiatives to promote trade through MITI, MDEC, MIHAS, MATRADE, to future-proof the Halal economy and build a strong digital innovation eco-system that drives Halal trade globally.

Karnival Mai Dagang’s Objectives

Inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst young children by launching the Usahawan Cilik initiative that teaches children good money habits and the basics of trading that shall bring them financial independence by the time they turn 18.
Introduce government agencies that shall assist trading communities in start-up endeavours as well as the marketing of Halal products and services locally and abroad.
Share with Karnival visitors about the components within the Halal Industry, and promote local Halal trading intelligence.