Programme Highlights


Usahawan Cilik Initiative

Usahawan Cilik is an initiative by DagangHalal and Grow-the-Goose which is a company that promotes its proprietary “Kids Money Habits” program. The cooperation educates kids between the ages 6 to 12 on financial literacy that shall make them financially independent by the time they turn 18. The Usahawan Cilik also teaches children entrepreneurship through treasure hunt.

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Ceramah Keusahawanan Ustaz Zamri

TV9’s popular Ustaz Zamri has a huge fan following, and he teaches both children and parents how to recite the Quran with the proper tajweed on TV9 ‘Mari Mengaji’. He is also a motivational speaker who has spoken at a multitude of events addressing various issues on Islam. At Karnival Mai Dagang, Ustaz Zamri will promote the habit of trading by delivering a sermon entitled “Berdagang Adalah Profesi Mulia Dalam Islam”.

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Celebrity Entrepreneurs’ Talk

We will also host business entrepreneurs who have made a success out of their passion. They will share their trade secrets and experience with students from several universities in the Klang Valley who are pursuing courses in Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. At DagangHalal, we make celebrities out of entrepreneurs so that they can share the joy of trading with more people.

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Didi & Friends

Didi & Friends – the popular pre-school TV programme where its lovable characters learn and sing at the same time, motivating children to do the same. Targeted for children between ages of 1 to 6, Didi & Friends will be making an appearance during the Karnival, and children will be able to meet Didi & Friends characters and watch a short sketch on the topic of being an entrepreneur


MATRADE MyPayong Fashionpreneur

MyPayong fashionpreneurs is a MATRADE programme dedicated to the development of young designers to enable export of their brands. One of their fashion brands, Ummiriaz International has already branched out to six outlets in Malaysia and making headways in Makassar Indonesia, with more international outlets in the pipeline.


Adiwira Adiperkasa

Adiwira Adiperkasa is Malaysia’s very own version of Tokusatsu Superhero. Children will be given a chance to colour their favourite cartoon hero during a colouring contest. The Adiwira Adiperkasa mascot will also be making an appearance during the Karnival and there will be a performance by them on stage.



GUNDAM – Gunpla Kids Creative Challenge

Gundam is one of the longest running meta-series of anime featuring giant robots. During the Karnival, Gundam will be organising a creative competition. This contest is for children between the ages 6 to 12 who will be given two hours to build and decorate the Gundam robot kit based on their creativity. There will be 150 FREE Gundam robots given out to contestants, and cool prizes await the winners of the competition. Be sure to catch Gundam robot mascots as they will be making a special appearance during the contest!


KFC Chicky Fiesta

DagangHalal has teamed up with KFC to invite over 200 orphans to enjoy Karnival activities that will be organised by KFC Chicky. The super cute KFC mascot will be making its appearance to delight and entertain children during the event. Let us lend a hand to put a smile on the faces of less privileged children.